Mission Statement.

Shared Resources provides cutting-edge full service management resources to nonprofit associations economically, efficiently and professionally while supporting Volunteer Leadership as they establish and maintain industry specific goals.

Shared Resources, a full service Association Management Company.

Shared Concept:

Clients share a panel of experts at Shared Resources. This provides them with two benefits:

  • Professional talent — you do not have to train
  • Shared ideas/programs developed for one client can be shared with another

You’re not reinventing the wheel. If one group succeeds, we share that with others. The systems are in place
–databases, timelines, governance documents.

Your group will benefit from the combined experience of several organizations and the talent of the staff who developed them.

Resource Management:

With rising health care, increased costs associated with absenteeism and employee turnover, many organizations are challenged with the budget constraints that threaten the quality of services to member’s verses the quality experts needed who manage the organizations continuity.

It’s the continuity of quality staff that builds successful efficiencies for your organization.

A message from the ICBA President.

The most common question I am asked by friends in the Ingham County Bar Association is “How do you like being President?” My response is that I enjoy it more than I expected, largely because of our Executive Director, Madelyne Lawry.
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All organizations will face specific industry challenges over time.

Not having the added burden and expense of addressing internal staff issues provides more time for building a healthy governance structure to address industry issues.
We have the tools to help your organization stay on track.

We understand the importance of the following.

You are volunteers
When you volunteer — more than likely you will be working with your competitors As leaders you agree to a higher level of responsibility than those that don’t When you commit to a volunteer/board position you commit your time and resources Your time is limited.